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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have organized a transfer with you, but how will I recognize the driver?

The driver will be waiting for you just outside the arrivals hall. He will be holding a sign reading ‘Luna Hotel’ with your name on it.


When is the best time to visit Kas?

The hottest and busiest months in Kas are July, August, and September. If you prefer to skip the crowds and enjoy some more mild weather, May, June, October, and November are just perfect. During May and June, the days are long and the weather warm however, as the sea tends to warm up slower than the air, it may be cooler than usual during these months. During October and November however, the sea is delightfully warm and the weather is beautiful, the only downside might be the shorter fall days. The months of December, January, and February typically feature cool, rainy weather, not ideal for a beach holiday. While March and April may still be too cool for swimming and sunbathing, they are some of the best months for hiking and other outdoor pursuits.


Will traveling during Ramadan or other religious holidays affect our trip?

Since tourism is the main industry in Kas, life goes on as usual during Ramadan and other holidays. All restaurants, cafes, and bars remain open during Ramadan and the bus system runs as normal. The only effect other religious holidays, or Turkish national holidays, has on the town is the influx of local tourists. Therefore, you many have difficulty finding accommodation during these holidays so make sure to book in advance!


Can you help us book a boat trip while in Kas?

We would be more than happy to help any of our guests plan a boat trip or other day-long excursion. During the high season, you are almost guaranteed a spot on a boat trip, since most services depart every day. However, since each boat trip requires a minimum amount of passengers, there may be some days during the spring or fall when there are simply no boats departing. Nevertheless, we will try our best to organize a boat trip or any other of your desired activitie. There are no half-day trips available, all require a full day. Prices may vary year to year.


What’s the best way to reach your hotel from the airport?

By car, Kas is about 2 hours from the Dalaman Airport and 3 hours from the Antalya Airport. The easiest way to reach Kas is to arrange a private transfer. We would be happy to organize a transfer, please get in touch with us for the fees. Prices may vary depending on the number of the person and type of the requested vehicles.  We offer a special discount on round trip from Dalaman airport, return transfers to guests staying with us for seven nights or more: just 160 Euro. This offer is only valid for guests who book directly through our website www.lunakas.com (not through any third party).

If you’d prefer, there are also public transport options running from both Dalaman and Antalya.

From the Antalya Airport: You’ll have to take a bus/tram/taxi from the airport to Antalya’s main bus station which takes about 40 minutes. You can also reach the bus station via a private shuttle company called ‘Havas’, which is slightly more expensive. Once you reach the Antalya bus station, you’ll take a minibus to Kas. These buses take about 4 hours and 30 minute. From Kas Otogar to Luna takes about 10 minutes, or you can take a taxi.

How can I find your hotel from the bus station?

From the bus station, walk down towards the sea on the main street. Once you see a pharmacy (eczane) on your right and a small mosque on your left, take a left and walk until you reach the main square with a big statue and a Turkish flag flying in the middle. From there, please see our directions in the ‘Location’ section of this website. From there, turn right at the ‘Old House’ bar, walking up Kas’s famous ‘Uzun Carsi’ Street. Continue in the same direction as the cobblestones turn into pavement, and take the left just after the stone sarcophagus. Continue uphill along this street until it intersects another street. Just across you should see the ‘Luna Hotel’ sign. Walk up the stairs from this sign; continue up three flights of stairs to reach Luna Hotel, which will be on your right.

Or we have a car park above and reception. So you may drive directly to our car park please.


How can I reach the hotel coming from Antalya?

Driving on the main ‘D400’ road from Antalya, keep left at the sign for ‘Sehir Merkezi – Antiphellos’ at the first roundabout. Continue along this road, taking a left at the mosque. Keep driving until you see signs for the ‘Luna Hotel’. Park your car somewhere nearby and head up the stairs the sign is pointing to. Luna Hotel is three flights of stairs up. Or carry on driving to our Car Park and where our reception is…


How can I reach the hotel coming from Fethiye/Kalkan?

Driving on the main ‘D400’ road from the direction of Fethiye or Kalkan, turn right at the second sign reading ‘Sehir Merkezi’. Continue along this road, taking a left at the mosque. Keep driving until you see signs for the ‘Luna Hotel’. Park your car somewhere nearby and head up the stairs the sign is pointing to. Luna Hotel is three flights of stairs up.


Does the hotel have its own beach?

No, our hotel doesn’t have its own beach or swimming platform. The closest beach, a small, pebble beach called ‘Kucuk cakil’, is just a five minute walk from the hotel however.


How far are you from the city center?

Luna Hotel is very centrally located, just a 5 minute walk from all the bars, restaurants, and shops that line downtown Kas’s streets.


Where will I be able to park?

There are usually free parking spaces available on the street just below Luna Hotel. But our car park is just above that street. If there are no spots available, there’s also a small, free parking lot just 500 meters away near the ‘Lykia Parki’ Park. Just head up ‘Lykia Caddesi’ Street towards the main road, you’ll see the parking lot just off this road on the left.


Do you have an elevator?

No, unfortunately most buildings in Kas do not feature elevators, including Luna Hotel. The building is accessed via stairs.