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Known as the pearl of the Turkish Rivera, the heart of Lycia, Kas is a scenic coastal town located on the crystal clear coast of the Turkish Mediterranean. It’s narrow, cobblestone streets, traditional whitewashed houses, and gorgeous coastal views draw in thousands of tourists each year. Those who come for the sun and sea stay for the authentic culture and rich history distinct to the region. With countless ancient ruins nearby, plenty of remote beaches just waiting to be explored, a lively nightlife and many unique shops, endless hiking trails, and the opportunity to experience activities such as paragliding, diving, and kayaking, Kas offers something for everyone.

As a part of the ancient civilization of Lycia, Kas’s former name was Antiphellos as it served as the harbor for the larger hilltop settlement of Phellos. The town is still home to many ruins belonging to this period, some of the most popular being the ‘King’s Tomb’, found at the top of Kas’s famous ‘Uzuncarsi’ Street, and the ancient theatre, one of the best places to watch the sunset in the area. Throughout its history, Kas’s economy was largely based on animal husbandry or the production of dry climate agricultural products such as olives or carob. Within just the last few decades, tourism has brought new life to the region, and is now the main industry in Kas. Today it isn’t uncommon to hear a variety of languages being spoken and see many different people wandering the same cobblestone streets that have been used for centuries, all of them on their own adventure.